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Completed Courses



Syracuse University

Fall 2016 - Spring 2017

Liberal Arts

PSY 205 - Foundations of Human Behavior


SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology

PSY 101 - Introduction to Psychology I

• Recognized the role of Psychology in enhancing comprehension of self and human interactions.
• Delved 
into the scientific exploration of cognition and psychological functions.

• Learned about psychological disorders, fostering an understanding of mental health challenges.

• Explored an array of subjects, including research techniques, the biological function of mind and brain, sensory experiences, states of awareness, memory and learning, growth, cognitive processes and intelligence, emotions, personality, therapeutic approaches in abnormal psychology, and the dynamics of social interactions.

• Learned the importance of considering diverse perspectives, fostering empathy, and critically examining the complex factors that shape our collective human experience.

• Gained a heightened self-awareness, revealing the vital role our cognitive processes play in constructing our daily reality.
• Prompted a desire to delve further into subjects like consciousness, spirituality, and philosophical inquiries. 

Fashion Institute of Technology

Fall 2017 - Spring 2018


Photography and Related Media BFA

PH 132 - Introduction to Light

PH 152 - Photography 1: Introduction to Photography


FA 118 - Fundamentals of Design for Photography

HA 112 - History of Western Art and Civilization: Renaissance to the Modern Era

• Acquired knowledge in lighting techniques, artistic arrangement, and image enhancement.
• Gained practical skills through immersive experiences in both controlled studio environments and diverse outdoor locations.
• Explored a wide range of photography genres, including portraiture, fashion, inanimate subjects, candid documentation, and video-based artistry.
• Crafted compelling visual stories that captivate both the gaze and intellect. Covered foundational principles of photography and digital process management.
•Mastered the use of Adobe Light Room using tools such as exposure, saturation, noise reduction, masking, color grading, sharpening, and more.
• Used digital cameras and undertook coursework both in studio settings and on computer platforms.
• Enriched me with a sharp sense of style, a deep understanding of fashion trends, and a proficient grasp of artistic aesthetics, empowering me to express myself creatively and confidently.

Suffolk County Community College

Fall 2018 - Spring 2019

Liberal Arts


ENG 101- Standard Freshman Composition

ENG102 - English Composition 2 

ENG 121 - English Composition

THR 105 - Acting I

• Elevated my writing skills to new heights through systematic analysis of literature, rigorous writing exercises, and constructive feedback.
• Refined my ability to articulate ideas thoroughly, craft compelling narratives, and employ a rich vocabulary.
• Learned the framework for effective communication, both written and spoken, allowing me to express myself with clarity and creativity.
• Delved into the world of improvisation learning to think on my feet and adapt to dynamic scenarios or unforeseen challenges and making quick, confident decisions in various aspects of life.

The Actors Workshop Long Island

Spring 2018 - Spring 2019


Acting Coach: Chris Cardona (SAG-AFTRA /AEA)​


THE MASTER CLASS: Acting & Scene Study 

Adult Acting & Scene Study​

Acting I & II 

Acting on Camera

• Grasped the art of dissecting and comprehending scripts, enriching my on-camera technique and in-person presentation.
• Practiced culminating in either a scene or monologue performance that showcased my growth and commitment.
• Elevated my acting abilities, learning to focus my attention on the present moment, and harnessing my senses and emotions to create authentic and captivating performances with heightened consciousness and a deeper connection to my surroundings.
• Polished my memory retention techniques, allowing me to quickly internalize scripts and dialogue.
• Refined my presentation skills, enabling me to engage and connect with audiences effectively.
• Gained heightened presentation techniques equipping me with confidence in aspects of communication and public speaking.

Five Towns College

Fall 2018- Spring 2020

Music Theory & Composition, Music Business

MUS111, MUS 112, MUS 211 - Harmony 1-3

MUS121, MUS 122, MUS 221 - Sight Singing 1-3

MUS 123, MUS 124, MUS 223 - Ear Training 1-3

MUS105 - Fundamentals of Music

MUS106 -  Basic Musicianship

MUS 185, MUS 186, MUS 285 - Keyboard Skills 1-3

ENS334  Contemporary A Cappella

MUB101 - Music Business Careers

MUB102 - Music Promotion and Broadcasting

MUB202 - Music Business Contracts

ENS326 - Choir

AML141, AML142, AML 241, AML 242 - Voice  1-4


Activities and societies: American Songbook Ensemble, Choir, Contemporary A Cappella, Barbershop Harmony

• Developed a strong foundation in music theory, equipping me with the ability to read, interpret, and truly understand the language of music.
• Actively participated in studio recording sessions requiring meticulous attention to detail which demanded a heightened level of focus, discipline, and creativity that ultimately strengthened my self-confidence.
• Gained a thorough understanding of music copyrighting, ensuring that my original compositions are properly protected and allowing me to confidently navigate the legal aspects of the music industry.

• Gained practical piano skills, allowing me to proficiently accompany myself and others, expanding my musical versatility.
• Participated in both solo and ensemble performances.
• Learned effective promotional strategies that played a pivotal role in building my own Spotify platform resulting in 200,000 streams for my original music.
• Crafted melodies and lyrics, culminating in the creation of my own pieces of musical compositions. 



The School of Positive Transformation

Fall 2022 - Spring 2023


Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher

Online Course Taught by Dr, Itai Ivtzan

• Refined my sense of awareness, allowing me to observe my thoughts, emotions, and surroundings with clarity and a non-judgmental standpoint.

• Developed a cognitive toolkit that enhances my intellectual abilities, promotes clarity of thought, and encourages a flexible and adaptive approach to learning and problem-solving.

• Cultivated a non-reactive and open-minded mindset, allowing me to be more inclined to explore new ideas, consider alternative viewpoints, and approach situations with curiosity.

• Gained knowledge on maintaining a balanced perspective on life.

• Expanded my capacity for focused attention and concentration.

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